Sep. 3, 2018

WARNING: These tours will steal your heart! ❤️

My brief when contacting Jeep it up: a ‘customized private tour involving a secluded beach, some Vietnamese history & local culture away from other tourists. What I got was all that and 10/10 service. 

From the very first second of contacting Major Liem, I knew this was a very professionally managed tour business. His understanding of my request was met with him taking me to one of the most beautiful secluded beaches I have ever seen. Not only did our journey to this amazing part of the world include dodging cows on the road, incredible views if rice paddies and breathing in the fresh mountainous air it was the exhilarating feeling of travelling in his ex US Army Jeep that was the highlight of my day.

We also visited a local market which made me feel so very privileged as I was the only foreigner there. We had the yummiest lunch I have ever eaten (can’t remember what is was called) and the best traditional Vietnamese drink I have ever tasted. 

Vietnam is still so ‘very raw & stunning’ with some of the most beautiful souls in the world and what I found with Jeep it up is they manage to take on a journey that completely immerses you right into the thick of it. 

Do yourself a favour and book an experience with Jeep it up. I can guarantee it will be the highlight of your Vietnamese holiday! 

Sharon Graham