Sep. 23, 2018

WOW.... What a fun day...

This tour was the best day we had at any of the stops on our cruise last month.

A small group of us had all booked Liem Jeeps and we all had so much fun driving in a convoy of 5 Jeeps around the beautiful countryside of Vietnam. 
You could not wipe the smiles from our faces as we went up and down and in and out of the small roads around all the rice fields, in the area, stopping along the way to show us the way of life for so many rice farmers in the area, and how they cultivate and get the rice ready for selling. 
We we were introduced to Vietnamese Coffee, at another stop, a little shop/cafe, and have to say this was the best coffee we have ever tasted. A few more stops, to go into local homes to see how the taditional Vietnamese hats are made, and beautiful coloured mats made by the women.
A scrumptious lunch at a riverside restaurant, with much appreciated cold drinks, all included in the price we paid for the tour.
My husband and I actually rate this day as the best day of our whole trip away...

Margaret Ernst

Sydney, Australia