Jump in, and buckle up for this full day of adventure in our little slice of heaven! We kick off this exciting day, with a visit to the handicraft shops that create an amazing variety of life’s necessities in this country. We check out the Non La (conical hat), that instantly recognized, and “iconic” symbol of Vietnam, and the age old traditional method of intricately weaving bamboo strips to create it. Your typical mattress in Vietnam, is a thin handmade sleeping mat, made out of dried reeds, and laid out on the floor or a raised platform. This keeps the ‘sleeper’ cool in the tropical heat. We get to watch the ladies weave these traditional beds, and then move on to rice paper manufacturing, a mainstay of Vietnamese cuisine. Staying with tradition, we visit a 200 year old Vietnamese house of vintage architecture, explore the remaining parapets of the Dien Khanh Citadel, and wander the Ha Dua Church, built in 1917 and the oldest in Khanh Hoa province. Cruising on through seemingly endless lush rice paddies, and fruit plantations, to arrive at the very first French vineyard in the province, developed in the late 19th century. We taste some special homemade wine here, before arriving at the beautiful Memento Country Home, to enjoy a healthy and traditional Vietnamese lunch. There is time to relax here under the shade of a mango tree, and even take a swim in the resort’s pool.

We reluctantly leave this oasis, and make our way to the Raglay Minority people’s village. Whilst the government has relocated these proud Hill dwellers from traditional lands to block houses, you still get a feel for their way of life in this picturesque valley. Kids being kids, and jumping off the bridge, with mom nearby doing the washing in the mountain fed crystal clear stream. It really is subsistence living here. We often stay awhile here, and hand out candy to the children, so be sure to have a couple of bags with you. Waving farewell to the children we move onwards through the lush countryside covered with sugar cane plantations and banana groves to the pristine wilderness of Yang Bay Waterfalls and Crocodile feeding. Yang bay is a beautiful slice of nature. Rock strewn waterfalls, safe swimming in the lower reaches, lazing on the sandy beach, hot mineral baths to relax in, and even a timber raft to attempt to paddle. Nearby is the crocodile farm, where the kids and adults can get a close up look at, and safely feed those prehistoric creatures. Plenty to do here for the family.

Sadly our day draws to a close, and as we motor back to the city, with lasting memories, we enjoy the late afternoon sunshine and cool breezes in our open top Jeep,

Until Next Time!

Duration      8 hours

Depart        8:00 AM / 9:00 AM

Inclusion     English-speaking tour guide, meal with drink, light refreshment and all fees, tickets.

Price per guest                 

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1 guest

2 guests

3 guests and up

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